Thursday, July 23, 2009

Visit to Delhi during June 2009

Story of Naveen

Naveen is an auto driver in Delhi. He hails from Bihar. During the course of conversation he mentioned that he doesn't like to stay in Delhi. He has his family staying in Delhi since a long time. He didn't find any opportunities in Bihar, even for propoer sustenance, that’s why he came to Delhi. About Bihar he cited one instance where one bus driver wasn't allowed to take passengers found at designated place as he was handled badly by one of the policeman in Muzaffarpur. He hails from Muzaffarpur which is the second biggest city after Patna. It has been a commercial hub since a long-time. He says “i have my wife and two kids and can't keep them in any place just like that”. He still dreams of doing something in his native town and planning to buy a vehicle to run on rent. He has been a science student at intermediate and writes English perfectly well. When I offered him some opportunities he showed wisdom and said that he would like to start bit by bit and during the course will learn things. He told that though there are opportunities in Delhi this places pushes me away. I want to go to Bihar but I don't have any other options. He earns monthly Rs. 6000/- rupees and managing in such a meagre amount in a place like Delhi is a challenging task. His recent experience to his native place was as if he was in heaven. There are many more like him, from UP and Bihar, in Delhi just being drawn by the supposedly numerous opportunities in capital city but all of them fall sort of their expectations.

The expression which he was making was so touching and so simple that it made me feel why we have failed to provide opportunities to such genuine people who love the region where they belong to. These are the people who if given an opportunity would like to stay and can contribute in a much genuine manner towards the development of their own surroundings and societies.

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