Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to KGP after 5 years contd...

I was in my guest house room, at Kolkata, when I came to know about the incident at IIT KGP. I was shocked to learn about what happened to the student. He was from my department. I also came to know that such incident had happened last year as well. A precious life wasted. Gone among us for never to return.

How could we become so apathetic! Students are integral part of our society. They are the drivers of tomorrow's economy. They are the next generation. The resources endowed to us belong to the future generation and we are mere the gurdians. Are we saying to them that we don't care. An academic institution is called Alma matter which creates a homely situation. If the sons & daughters of faculties can't take treatment in the hospitals which are treating the students is the hospital of any worth. Are we creating some kind of class distinction among our student our families. Why does it take an incident to wake us up? Why we are not proactive rather than just followers?

India had been mentioned as a world guru in the past and has knowledge resource which is , in my view, uncomparable in the world. Why we are loosing out on that knowledge? Why we are becoming just money minded and forgeting the type of care structure which our families used to have? Are our parents to be blamed? May be or may not be.

Our student communities feel quite weak but they are also to be blamed. Many of them want to have quick gains which is a fallcy!! Even if earlier generations of people, called alumni, want to give we don't have the abilities to take it. We need to become deserving then only we can desire. We need to change. If not drastically then bit by bit.

Jago desh ke yuwaon jago. Involve yourself 'non-politcally' in making yourself and your fellow countrymen. Politics can only feed power to politicians and it is not going to make much change. You have to realise your strength. Connect with the students, your extended family members (called alumni)..and if you find it difficult then connect to the mother, your alma matter, which binds past, previous & future generations to come. She deserves your care even if it may seem inanimate but it lives in us...will live with us throughout our lives......Sarve Bahvantu Sukhina Sarve Santu Niramaya....

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